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Getting to know me

tanya-homes-Getting to know me. Places I would love to live

The first one I did was a question about places that I would live if I could live anywhere in the world. I was happy to get so many people sharing with me places they would like to live too.

Here is another question. What are your pet peeves? I actually have one really big pet peeve and that’s inconsiderate people. I just get really upset when I think people are being inconsiderate so an example of that is when I’m in trying to get a parking space and you drive by, you wait for the person who’s walking and then they get in their car and eventhough they know you’re waiting, they sit in the car and they just go on their phone and spend extra time before they move on. I think that is very inconsiderate

Another one is when people is using the drive thru bank and they are not ready.   Instead of just sitting there getting prepared I think people should  drive back around and come back again prepares and ready and to make their deposit or whatever they have to do with the teller.

What about you? What are you pet peeves?