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Getting to know me. Places I would love to live

Have a deck of cards here and it’s not your standard cards that you play a game with even though you this is for a game it’s a card with questions each card has a question on it and I thought of a coming and using these cards to interact with you and connect with you because it just reminded me of you know how we like to build or business at TanyaHomes Group by relationship we take pride in the fact that we’ve Built-in my relationship and we are relational and not transactional so these questions are giving me an opportunity to share a little bit of myself because I’m going to answer each question and the maybe your comment you know below once I post it and let me know a little bit about you so I was thinking maybe doing it you know every week just pulling a question and just seeing what the card says and answering to the best of my ability…

…so where would you live if you could have for houses while OK that’s question number one and that question I definitely would live in Jamaica I would have a house there I was raised in Jamaica but I was born in England and I would love to have a home in Jamaica because I loved growing up there I lived there from the age of 2 until I was about is almost 20 and it was just a great relationship great you know experience so I would have a house in otreus in Jamaica that’s I wear a grope I grew up in Kingston and then I would have a house in Europe not only because I was born in England have never been back since the age of 2 but because I have this desire to learn Spanish a been trying and trying I you that may It so I would love to have a home in Spain that’s where I’d love to have a home and then I think I with a move on I haven’t thought about this I just feel pulled the question so Florida that’s where I am I love Florida said as number 3II just love it here if it should remain in Jamaica but then it’s different I when I just moved here it wasn’t that you know easy for me when I moved here at 20 because I love Jamaica so much but this is definitely home as well so I love South Florida so that’s definitely the last one and then I think is going to be Hawaii I really do I know know why just wanna go there and I wanna experience Hawaii I think it’ll be great and I’m sure if I traveled to other areas I you know I would find another country because I have Hawaii and Florida and in Louisiana in the C in the US but maybe I’d find somewhere else but for now that’s where I think I would be so those are my 4 places why don’t you tell me your 4 I’m so excited to hear some comments and see where you’d be off to or have for homes if you could.

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