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Why is buying property in Miami simple and cost-effective?

As the U.S. Census and Statistics Bureau pointed out, since 2014 the index of commercially real estate investments in all parts of the city has not stopped growing, more markedly in everything that represents the heart of Miami.

And it is that as South Florida has positioned itself as the most stable real estate development market of the moment.

The properties for sale in Miami make up an almost perfect combo for all Latinos who want to keep their savings in bricks, because despite the adversities today it stands up and businesses continue.

The dynamic is already famous, investors buy homes to live or rent, ensuring the return on dollars and their valuation, leveraged the investment with mortgage loans with more favorable rates. These rates are better than in Latin American capitals.

In addition, large-scale developments attract a lot of tourists making their way into the sun capital while increasing rental consumption throughout the area.

Types of properties for sale for short rent

In South Florida different types of properties are sold for investment. There are apartments for rent, short or long, in the downtown areas of the city.

Another excellent option is to buy a property in a holiday resort. Market very attractive for investors since the percentage of tourist occupancy is 82%. Now investment in offices, a growing market in the entire South Florida area, is added.

Another that we can classify as more conventional is the purchase of property for housing be houses or apartments for sale and through a local real estate company put it to rent. You have the possibility to choose between new, used or flat housing.

Throughout South Florida, projects are being developed in parallel, which opens up a wide range for your investment. Every city has its own style. therefore it is very important that the investor is clear about the type of property he needs when investing. Because according to the investor’s approach, the best option is sought.

How can I rent the property I bought?

If you are an investor looking for profitability you have different options, here are some of them:

  • Total delivery: When an owner assigns the full administration of his property to the developer who is in charge of the rental and guarantee the profitability.
  • Partial Delivery: Put your home on a virtual platform, private real estate or with the developer. Having the option of personal use in certain seasons of the year.
  • Long rent: Where through a local real estate you rent your property so that a family regularly resides between 1 and 2 years.

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